We will be adding New Music Bi-Weekly (or sooner).
Average Price is $250 (or $1000 if you want exclusive rights, Not Ownership)
Exclusive rights =  We will not offer the song to anyone after you pay $1000.
We still Produce original Music Just for you.

Music Use: Youtube Blogs, Movies, Games, Song Demo, Poetry, Local Cable shows,
Live Performances, Background Instrumentals to your instrument performance, etc

Call or Text: 860-724-7448 if you need more info
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Noise heard in songs, is OUR watermarks.
When Music is Purchased, you can download a Clean High Quality Version.
(There is a short spot near the beginning to hear song with no noise.)
You are a creative person, make it your own with your voice.

If (5) people used the same music, your voice sets you apart.
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