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Jaxsn Music Recording Studio - Connecticut 860-724-7448

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25% Down Payment + Total Tax
10% of the fee/ month until paid.

{2-Song Package} $3000
Down Payment: $750 + $190.50
Monthly Payments: $300 until
Note:  Final Mix is not released until
paid in full.

If project is inactive for (3)
month, project is terminated.
Remainder of payment is not due,.

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hartford recording studio hartford recording studio hartford recording studio

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** While Your Project is Active **
(1 Month of No Session Means Active Project),
We Upload Mixed Songs.
After Mixing is Completed, 
We Give You 1st Month Free Online Hosting.
Giving You Time to backup Songs at Home
Hosting Online is the only backup we offer.
We charge to mix your Songs again, if no back up

It's Better To Back Up Your Project With Jaxsn

After Free Month:

$25 / Mo.
$90 / 6 Mo.
$120 / Year
Benefits of Jaxsn Backup:
Sell License, Not Downloads
Safe Bkup, Cd's get damaged.
Email Link, Save cd Postal $$
Save $ Marketing Your Songs
Play on phone at Performance
Hear Our Quality Creative
Audio Production and
Full Warm Mixed Music
Engineered by Jaxsn
Jay Hoggard
Wayne Dixon
Vision of Joy
Lisa Clayton
Hartford Mass Choir
Shaded Soul


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About Us

1998  J.M. TV AD
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What clients are saying

The His-Story

Jaxsn Music Recording/Production Studio

became established in 1993 in Hartford, Connecticut.
Jaxsn Music Recording/Production Studio
is operated by G. McAuthor Jackson aka Jaxsn.
Who is also an accomplished Bass Player, Music Producer, Composer,
Midi Programmer/Specialist, Lyricist, Singer, Rapper, Audio Engineer.

Around 1991, Jaxsn decided he wanted to record songs he created.

Being new to this type of lifestyle, Jaxsn asked people and researched how to get this done.

After visiting a few Recording Studios (Home and Commercial), 

Jaxsn experienced what most people experience,

The recordings sounded better in the studio, than it did anywhere else.

Jaxsn came to the conclusion that if he was going to get a decent sounding recording,

he had to learn and record it himself, so he studied for 5 long years, everyday, then built

Jaxsn Music Recording/Production Studio, with every dollar he earned.

Jaxsn felt his recording studio should produce final recordings,
compared to Majorn Record Label CD's
(Jaxsn had no life, outside his passion for music)
and eventually his recording results, proved to be successfully Close to his goal.

As a Music Producer,

Jaxsn started to understand, he is an 

Audio / Visual Artist that use sounds to shape visions from his mind.
Jaxsn first focus on his music production is to NOT sound like everyone else,
but to still be marketable in the chosen Genre he is aiming for in a current production.

As an Audio Engineer,

Jaxsn would see the designs of his music,

then make audio adjustments to the sounds with the intent of

making the listener react to his expectation from his eq'ing, placement,

or level of sounds in his music recording.

Jaxsn Music Recording/Production Studio's
 Choice of tools used for Producing, Engineering,
and Jaxsn's  techniques, he applies helps him get nice sounding recordings.

You can read the names that Jaxsn or any other Producer or Engineer has worked with,

but that will do nothing for your Product, So avoid Producers and Engineers who drop

so many names to get your attention and money.

 There is only one important thing you need

to do before paying a Producer or Engineer your hard earned money,


on CD, Wav, or MP3..... NOT Just in their studio.
******   compare on their website with Major Recording Artist CD's

Then decide if you want their original creative work as a Producer and/or Engineer:

Great Original Creative Work,
gives you longevity, in the music business, but may be harder to sell to the public.

or their style of familiar sounding work as a Producer and/or Engineer:

Great Familiar Sounding Work,
gives you short term success, in the music business, but may be easier to sell to the public.

Jaxsn Music Recording/Production Studio, offers BOTH "works", but you have to decide.

A Great Sounding Mix is the most important touch, to any Song.

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